Credentials FAQ

Course/Project Questions:

How can I find available Credential courses?
  1. Located on each Credential page is a listing of the Wisconsin colleges and/or universities offering courses specific to a credential. Click on the name of the college or university of interest to visit their website for a more complete listing of credential course offerings.
  2. Some of the coursework can be found on the statewide training calendar.
    Search the statewide training calendar
  3.  WECA Professional Development Counselors can also assist individuals in finding the right college or university that fits their credential needs. Get assistance through WECA
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Are there Credential courses offered online?

Credential courses are offered in a variety of course formats.

  • Check the online availability at the college or university of interest.
  • Check the course format of the credential course listings on the Statewide Training Calendar for online, blended or in person.
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Can I take credential courses at more than one college to complete a credential?

Yes, The Registry will accept credential course work from more than one college or university to verify a credential. Some colleges and universities only offer credential courses sequentially, one at a time. Yet, a credential candidate who wishes to pursue the completion of a credential in a specific time frame or is missing a credential course that isn’t currently offered at their current college or university may seek another institution to complete their credential course work. The credential candidate would need to submit transcripts from all institutions of higher education to The Registry for credential verification.

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I took one of the credential courses years ago. Can this course be used towards a credential?

The courses that are approved as meeting the guidelines of the credential and the statewide curriculum must have been taken since 2000. Please note, in the Credential Capstone course, credential candidates use knowledge gained from core assignments in previous credential courses to complete the portfolio/final project for the credential. To be successful, it may be beneficial for a credential candidate to retake the old credential course for the updated course curriculum.

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Portfolio/Project Questions:

How do I find a Qualified Observer for my Infant Toddler or Preschool Credential portfolio observation?

Requirements for a Qualified Observer are listed in the Portfolio Preparation Guide for both the Infant Toddler and Preschool Credentials.  Typically, the instructor of the Capstone Course is available to serve as the Qualified Observer.  Individuals who might also meet the qualifications of a Qualified Observer include staff at local Resource and Referral Centers, YoungStar Technical Consultants who are not working directly with the credential candidate’s program, or other individuals trained in formal rating scale observation tools.

If the Qualified Observer is an individual other than the Capstone Course instructor, the instructor must give their approval in advance to ensure the individual meets the requirements of a Qualified Observer.

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I have questions about my portfolio/final project. Where can I get help?

The instructor of the Capstone Course is trained to offer guidance with the credential portfolio/final project. Contact the Capstone Course instructor with any portfolio/final project questions.

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Where do I send my portfolio/final project?

Although faculty often support students in the completion of the commission process, it is the credential candidate’s responsibility to mail a hard copy of their credential portfolio or email a digital copy of their credential portfolio to the assigned Registry Commissioner.  It is expected that the complete portfolio or final project be received by the assigned Registry Commissioner at least 10 calendar days prior to the commission for review.

When emailing a digital copy, be sure to include any permissions and/or passwords needed for the Registry Commissioner to view the portfolio.  Both the mailing address and email of the assigned Registry Commissioner is included in the Commission Confirmation email from The Registry.

To respect the privacy of the Registry Commissioners, portfolios should only be mailed or emailed.  Under unique and special circumstances, a portfolio can be delivered in person at the discretion of the Registry Commissioner.  Arrangements need to be made with the Registry Commissioner prior to delivery by phone or email with consideration given to an appropriate time and location for drop off.

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My portfolio isn’t ready. Can I turn it in late?

Under unique circumstances, a request for late submission of a credential portfolio can be made to The Registry.  Once a formal request is made by the credential candidate to The Registry, The Registry will contact the Registry Commissioner to ask if s/he is able to accommodate the late arrival.  If no prior approval has been given for a late submission, the credential candidate’s portfolio will not be accepted.  Credential portfolios are not to be accepted at the commission.

Credential portfolios need to arrive to the Registry Commissioner containing all required components including videos.  It is not suitable for Registry Commissioners to review missing components of a credential portfolio at a commission due to the limited time frame available.

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Commission Questions:

I am registered for a commission but unable to attend as scheduled. What are my next steps?

The credential candidate is responsible for contacting The Registry by phone or email to notify the Credential Department they will not be attending the commission.  If the credential candidate’s portfolio has already been sent to the Registry Commissioner, it will be given to the Capstone Course instructor at the commission to be returned to the credential candidate.  To complete the credential process, the credential candidate will need to register for a commission on a later date as a guest student.

Each credential candidate is required to pay a non-refundable, non-transferable commission fee of $300 at commission registration.  The commission fee covers the cost of the commission system and processing of the credential.  In the event a credential candidate does not attend the commission as scheduled, the credential candidate is responsible for paying the commission fee again to commission at a later date.

If a grant funding agency or scholarship program has paid the commission fee, the credential candidate will need to contact the grant funding agency or scholarship program to address any financial agreements.

In the event of hardship, an unforeseen event such as a death or medical emergency, a credential candidate may be unable to participate in a commission as scheduled.  With a formal request made by the credential candidate, The Registry may approve the transferring of the paid commission fee to a later commission date on a case by case basis.

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How can I find a scheduled commission to attend? I plan to commission as an individual.

Credential candidates are welcome to join any commission open to guest students.  A list of upcoming scheduled commissions is located on the Credential Commissions page of The Registry website.  If a commission date open to guest students is not posted, revisit the website another time for commission dates are posted frequently.  If a bilingual commission is needed, look for a commission date open to guest students that lists Spanish-speaking commissioner and make a note on the registration form.

Once a credential candidate selects a commission date open for registration and open to guest students, the credential candidate will need to submit a Registration for Commission form specific to the credential they are commissioning for.  The registration form must be received by The Registry at least 30 calendar days prior to the requested commission date.  Detailed instructions are included on the form.  The guest student will receive an email from The Registry upon receipt of the registration form.

As a guest student, be sure to include both the date and location of the requested commission as there are often multiple commissions on the same date but in different locations.

View a list of scheduled commission opportunities.

Download a Student Registration for Commission Form.

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I’m a T.E.A.C.H. Scholarship Recipient. Does T.E.A.C.H. provide support for commission fees?

Credential candidates currently using a T.E.A.C.H. Scholarship to help pay the cost of credential course tuition may also be eligible for additional funding from T.E.A.C.H. to cover the cost of the commission fee.  Contact a T.E.A.C.H. Scholarship counselor for more information.

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What happens at the commission?

At a Registry Commission, credential candidates demonstrate how the knowledge they have learned through completing the credential coursework applies to their current work in the early care and education field.

  • The Presentation—sharing a learning story.
    • Classmates and other credential candidates are present during the presentations.
    • The Portfolio/Project Guide specific to each credential provides information on what credential candidates should talk about during the presentation.
    • Credential candidates have approximately 5-10 minutes to present.  Most presentations include sharing a favorite category, discussing what was found challenging, and presenting supporting materials.
  • Individual meetings with the Registry Commissioner.
    • After all credential candidates have presented, students meet individually with the Commissioner for 5-10 minutes to review their portfolio/project.
    • The Commissioner will provide feedback, may ask some clarifying questions, or request the credential candidate to provide additional information for their portfolio/project.
    • The credential candidate will be informed during the individual meeting if s/he has successfully completed the commission process.
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How long does a commission take?

The length of time of a commission will vary based on the specific credential type and the total number of credential candidates scheduled to commission.  The Capstone Course instructor may be able to give an estimate on how long the commission will take.

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I have to be somewhere after the commission. Can I be the first to present?

Contact the Capstone Course instructor to inquire about the order of presenters.  Credential candidates do need to complete both portions of the commission, the presentation and the individual meeting with the Registry Commissioner to pass.  Check with the Capstone Course instructor before leaving the commission early.  Some colleges and universities plan a celebratory event before or after the commission for credential recipients.

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Can I bring a guest to the commission?

Credential candidates are welcome to bring a guest for support during the commission.  However, to respect the work of the credential candidates and the Registry Commissioner, we do ask that credential candidates find alternate care for children during the commission.

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Credential Verification Questions:

I took Credit for Prior Learning for a credential course but the credential course doesn’t appear on my transcript. Will The Registry be able to verify my credential?

When Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) is used for a Credential Course, the course receiving advanced standing must be listed on the credential candidate’s official transcript for the course to count as a Registry Credential course.  If the credential course is not listed, then the CPL process must be completed at the college or university for it to be posted to the transcript.

There can be an additional delay in completing the CPL process at an institution of higher education when a grant is providing the funding for students to take the CPL course.  This lengthy process can postpone the posting of the advanced standing courses to the credential candidate’s transcript which subsequently delays the awarding of a Registry Credential. The Registry will only accept an official transcript showing all required Registry Credential courses for verification of credential coursework. Official transcripts must be sent directly to The Registry in an unopened, originally sealed envelope or by secure email from the institution of higher education.

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I’ve completed and passed the commission. How do I get my credential certificate?

Credential candidates must provide their official transcript(s) to The Registry. Official transcripts must be sent directly to The Registry in an unopened, originally sealed envelope or by secure email from the institution of higher education.The transcript(s) must show the successful completion of all of the credential courses associated with the completed credential with a grade C- or better for each Credential Course.  If a Credential course has a grade lower than a C-, the course must be retaken.

Grade reports, copies of official transcripts, or unofficial transcripts will not be accepted for credential verification.

Once all requirements of the credential are met, The Registry will issue a credential certificate by mail.  Typical credential processing time is 2-4 weeks.

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Will my Registry membership be updated now that I’ve earned a credential?

Once a credential candidate has completed all requirements of a credential, the achievement is listed on the individual’s Registry account and a credential certificate is issued.

If a Registry membership is current or in process, The Registry will update the credential recipient’s Career Level to reflect their verified credential and mail a complimentary Registry certificate.

If a Registry membership is expired, The Registry encourages credential recipients to submit a renewal application for membership to have their Career Level updated to reflect the completion of the credential.

If a Registry membership is incomplete, payment or missing documentation may be needed to finish processing the application.  Once received, the membership application will be processed to reflect completion of the credential.

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