Infant Toddler

The Registry Infant Toddler Credential


This program is designed for providers who work with children under the age of three. This includes infant toddler teachers, assistant teachers, program directors and administrators.


Students taking the Infant Toddler Credential will gain understanding of developmental stages for this age group while learning how to best guide and nurture children under the age of three in both center-based and family settings. The themes of cultural diversity/sensitivity and reflective practice are woven throughout the courses.


Registry Credentials are offered by accredited higher education institutions located throughout Wisconsin. Call your local technical college or university for more information.

Course Information:

Each course is three credits. The courses with a brief description of each are as follows:

Course One: Infants, Toddlers and Caregivers OR Infant Toddler Development*

This course is an introduction to the development, care, and education of children from birth to three years of age. It includes the principles of care giving, developmentally appropriate practice, diversity issues, curriculum, guidance, observation, and assessment. Both typical and atypical development is examined.

Course Two: Group Care for Infants and Toddlers

This course focuses on caring for infants and toddlers in center based and family child care settings. Materials will cover program quality, philosophy, structure, environments, health and safety, developmentally appropriate practice, and inclusion/diversity issues.

Course Three: Infants and Toddlers in Programs, Families, and Society OR Family and Community Relations*

This course focuses on partnerships with parents and collaboration with the community. It covers parent education, involvement and inclusion as well as public policy, advocacy, community resources, and professionalism.

Course Four: Capstone Course - Infant Toddler Credential

This course integrates the theory, practice, and reflection of the first three Infant Toddler Credential courses and requires demonstration of best practices. Some colleges may accept the Infant Toddler Credential Capstone course in place of a Practicum course; however there is no substitution for Credential Capstone courses. Prerequisites: Courses 1 through 3 of the Infant Toddler Credential course sequence.

*This course is within the Wisconsin Technical College System Statewide Curriculum for the Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education