The Registry Leadership Credential


Leaders in the early care and education field including teachers, assistant teachers, program directors, administrators and agency professional who wish to increase or refine their leadership skills will benefit from this training.


The Registry Leadership Credential explores the importance of excellence and diversity in early care and education programs, and the role of vision and reflective practice in reaching these goals. These courses are designed to enhance existing leadership skills, while gaining knowledge and creating networks with other leaders in the field.


Registry Credentials are offered by accredited higher education institutions located throughout Wisconsin. Call your local technical college or university for more information. The following is a list of colleges and universities throughout Wisconsin that offer this Credential:

Course Information:

It is required that the four courses in this credential are taken sequentially. Each course is three credits. Course descriptions are as follows:
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Course One: The Personal Disposition of a Leader

This course will cover definitions of leadership and leader roles and the role of vision, emotional intelligence, resilience, optimism and reflective practice in successful leadership of early care and education programs.

Course Two: Leading in Your Program

This course will cover the leadership roles, responsibilities and skills necessary for excellence. Leadership models from four authors, Bloom, Bruno, Carter, and Nolan will be presented. The role of leadership in staff development will be examined.

Course Three: Leading In Your Community and the Field

This course will cover the leadership skills necessary to go beyond individual programs to leadership in communities and in the field. The focus will be on collaboration, interconnections, relationships, and advocacy.

Course Four: Capstone Course - Leading For Change

This course will cover the use of transformational leadership, theories of change, and advocacy strategies. As the final course in the leadership series, students will participate in final project to integrate and apply the knowledge and skills taught in the four credential courses. Prerequisites: Courses 1 through 3 of the Leadership Credential course sequence.