Becoming a Member of The Registry is easy and an important part of professional development.   


Five reasons to join The Registry:

  1. Professional Recognition and Support Certificate, learning record, training list, email and telephone assistance
  2. Compliance with State and National Guidelines for Childcare Licensing, determines qualification for positions, tracks continuing ed., accreditation report
  3. YoungStar: Joining The Registry is an easy method by which you may complete your YoungStar data obligation.
  4. Receive placement on the Career Ladder, record and document professional contributions, lifelong learning and educational pathways.
  5. Career Development: Networking,Training opportunities, T-Net, eNewletter, and Events are all a benefit of membership.


Who should be a member of The Registry?

You should! Professional memberships, certifications and other credentials carry a lot of weight, especially in today’s competitive job market. Members of The Registry are respected and recognized as dedicated professionals. They consistently stand out among their peers, not just for taking the time to become a part of a vast network of professionals, but for their skills, training and education. Joining is easy and makes a statement about your commitment to professionalism.


It’s easier than you think!

Click here if you need to create an account to join The Registry. Follow the steps through the interview process. Once you’ve sent us your materials (transcripts, documentation of training, et cetera), you’re on your way. Take advantage of this powerful professional network. If you already have an account, sign in here.


More reasons to join The Registry

Your Registry Membership is more than just a professional organization. Your profile helps current and potential employers evaluate your skills and training. You can login and print your learning record 24-hours a day to append to any resume.


Our Level System provides a simple to understand method for improving your skills, training and earning potential. The level-system clearly explains how training impacts your career and your center’s Youngstar rating.


Once your materials, certificates and information has been submitted to The Registry and verified, it’s part of your permanent file. Use your membership profile to help construct a resume or fill in data gaps that might occur due to lost paperwork. The Registry’s records are accepted by Wisconsin state licensing officials and can be accessed online at anytime free of charge.

Within the state of Wisconsin, The Registry Certificate carries a lot of weight. Center Directors, Administrators and most importantly parents, know that recipients of The Registry Certificate are verified through rigorous fact checking processes. Anyone who works this field, including school age providers, trainers, and consultants, should be a member of The Registry.