Professional Development

Professional Development

Professional Development Approval System

Through our statewide training locator, The Registry helps make available quality professional development opportunities to all the providers of Wisconsin.

What is Professional Development?

There are many ways to grow professionally and develop skills. As a professional that works with children, taking advantage of these opportunities is absolutely necessary. Becoming a better provider means providing better care for the children of Wisconsin.

Professional Development can mean attending conferences, training events, college classes or earning Registry Credentials and various college or university degrees. To help foster professional growth for all who work with children in Wisconsin the approval process has been developed to ensure that trainers are qualified and competent in their areas of specialty. Another benefit of PDAS is that providers get a better idea of what their training will involve and what they can expect to take away from it.

Benefits of PDAS

  • Approved trainers whose education and experience meet the various requirements are validated by awarding a Trainer Type (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Specialist).
  • Training materials and content are evaluated and assigned a Tier. Tiered training hours can improve Registry Career Levels and are typically more rigorous.
  • Accountability and credibility measures have been established to maintain academic integrity and the highest standards or professionalism.
  • Custom software has been created and established to make attendance tracking easy and efficient, reducing opportunity for error or lost data.
  • Clear training paths for those who wish to make the most out of training opportunities.
  • Availability of Approved Training directly increases Registry Levels for Registry members in Wisconsin.
  • A better educated work force causes an overall improvement in care.
  • The PDAS system causes consistent training throughout the state.
  • Children and their families are the ultimate and long term beneficiaries of approved trainers and training methods.