Membership Card

Registry Card

What is a Registry Card?

A Registry Card helps ensure that you receive immediate verification for the training events you attend. Cards list your name, Registry ID number, and a QR code that allows trainers to quickly scan your card and accurately take attendance.
Note: Registry Cards are not valid proof of current membership.

Who receives a Registry Card?

Anyone with a Registry account can download The Registry app for FREE!  The app give you access to your Registry Card whenever you want. Download the app for FREE and have your card with you wherever you go:


Individuals with a Registry account may also download or print a .pdf version of their Registry Card at any time with the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Registry account.
  2. Click on the Reports page.
  3. Click on the Registry eID report.

How can I use my Registry Card?

Your Registry Card helps ensure that you accurately receive verification for training immediately. Here's how it works: 

  1. Show your Registry Card to the trainer or event organizer.
  2. Participating trainers or event organizers can scan your card with a smart phone or mobile device and easily take attendance.  If a trainer is not able to scan your card, your card lists your name and Registry ID which will still help the trainer accurately record your attendance.
  3. Verification for attending the training event will appear on your Registry Learning Record.

    See how Registry Cards work

    What if I need a replacement card?

    Some members may have received a printed Registry Card in the past. The Registry no longer prints physical cards and encourages you to use the FREE Registry app or download The Registry eID, available on the Reports page in your account.