Professional Development Approval System

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The Registry’s Professional Development Approval System (PDAS) has been created to support and promote quality training and technical consultation opportunities, assure trainer and technical assistant professionals content knowledge, and embrace the commitment of sponsoring organizations.

Beginning in the spring of 2007, The Registry and the Department of Children and Families, Bureau of Early Childhood Education have worked with statewide agencies, organizations and individuals to develop a system to ensure that the approval process is supportive and equitable and provides for statewide coverage to improve the quality and content of training and education for the early care and education workforce. Guiding principles and ethical obligations have been identified, through the creation of these components based on a review of national research, and the experiences of 14 states that currently support a professional development approval system.

The Registry’s Professional Development Approval System (PDAS) of approved training, and approved trainers and technical assistance professionals is a new level of recognition for individuals who are providing training or technical assistance professionals to the child care workforce and other direct care practitioners.

Benefits of PDAS

  • Approved trainers are assessed by education and experience and then awarded a Trainer Type during the approval process.
  • Approved Training is reviewed for content and awarded a Tier type.
  • Accountability in regard to verifying attendance. Approved trainers enter the attendance directly to the Registry to avoid fraud and alleviating the need for the student to produce documentation to the Registry.
  • Clarity for those seeking training. They can now clearly see beforehand the complexity and expectation they are considering.
  • Possible advancement on Registry levels for those taking Approved Training.
  • A better educated work force.
  • Consistent training on a statewide basis.
  • Children and their families are the ultimate beneficiaries of approved trainers and training.