Technical Assistance Professionals

Technical Assistance Professionals

A Registry Approved Technical Assistance (TA) Professional has been specifically trained to offer one or more of the services described:

Technical Assistance is the provision of targeted and customized sup­ports by a professional(s) with subject matter and adult learning knowledge and skills to develop or strengthen processes, knowledge application, or implementation of services by recipients.

Mentoring is a relationship-based process between colleagues in similar professional roles, with a more-experienced individual with adult learning knowledge and skills, the mentor, providing guidance and example to the less-experienced protégé or mentee. Mentoring is intended to increase an individual’s personal or professional capacity, resulting in greater professional effectiveness.

Coaching is a relationship-based process led by an expert with specialized and adult learning knowledge and skills, who often serves in a different professional role than the recipient(s). Coaching is designed to build capacity for specific professional dis­positions, skills, and behaviors and is focused on goal setting and achievement for an individual or group.

Consultation is a collaborative, problem-solving process between an external consultant with specific expertise and adult learning knowledge and skills and an individual or group from one program or organization. Consultation facilitates the assessment and resolution of an issue specific concern.

Professional Development Advising (sometimes referred to as career or PD counsel­ing) is a one-on-one process through which an advisor offers information, guidance, and advice to an individual about professional growth, career options, and pathways to obtain or meet required qualifications.

Peer-to-peer Technical Assistance fosters the development of relationship-based learning and support communities among colleagues, often in like roles. Peer-to-peer technical assistance is based on the premise that a significant expert knowledge base exists in the field and that peers who have solved challenges on the ground have developed tools and strategies that can be shared with their colleagues.

Assessing uses a research based assessment tool that the assessor has been specifically trained to administer. Results from the assessment are often used to develop Improvement Plans.

Learn more about these methods in the Early Childhood Education Professional Development: Training and Technical Assistance Glossary

Approved Technical Assistance Professionals Requirements

TA Professionals are required to have an active Registry membership as well as the TA Professional Endorsement. Registry membership is renewable annually however a TA needs only to apply and be approved as a Technical Assistance Professional once.

Apply for Registry membership and/or sign in to your account and add the Technical Assistance Professional Endorsement

All TA Professionals, whether approved Provisional or Master TA Professionals will be asked to demonstrate the following:

Registry Level

TA Professionals must be at least a level 13 on the Registry Career Levels.

View Registry Career Levels

Approval for use of assessment tools

There is a place on the application to indicate the assessment tools the applicant is authorized to use. Either verification by the assessment agency or verification on the TA Professional’s agency’s letterhead will serve as documentation of training in the assessment.

Completion of a Foundations course

A PDAS Foundations Course has been developed specifically to meet this requirement. Information on when and where this course is offered can be found on the ‘Search For Training’ section of our website by entering ‘PDAS Foundations’ in the keyword search.

Search for the PDAS Foundations Course

Completion of a Technical Assistance Professional course

The TA Professional course is one where the content is specifically on how to provide technical assistance and is a minimum of 5 hours in length. We ask for a course description and verification of completion to have the course considered.

If a course meeting this description is not found, a PDAS TA Professional course has been developed specifically to meet this requirement.

Information on when and where this course is offered can be found on the ‘Search For Training’ section of our website by entering ‘Technical Assistance Professional’ in the keyword search.

Search for the TA Professional course

Hours of consulting experience

A Master TA Professional must document 40 hours of consulting experience. A self-generated list that includes dates, length of consultation, topic and the organization receiving the consultation is acceptable documentation.

Professional Development of Others
Master TA Professionals are responsible for the professional development of others for 2 years. This requirement is met through supervising student teachers, experience as a director, mentoring, etc. A letter can be written by the person applying to serve as documentation.

A Provisional TA Professional is required to have a mentoring agreement with an approved TA Professional for 1 year and 1 year of experience as a coach, mentor or supervisor.

Work experience

Work experience will entered through the Employment section of the application.

  • 4 years working directly with children

  • 4 years in an approved program (An approved program is one that is a regulated early childhood or school-age program or professional education related agency.)

Apply for Registry membership and/or sign in to your account and add the Technical Assistant Professional Endorsement