What is Registry Approved Training?

There are 2 types of training reviewed and approved by The Registry – Tiered training and Registered training.

Tiered Training

There are 4 types of Tiered training.
Tiers 1-3 are offered by Registry approved trainers or approved Specialists only. Tier 4 training is credit based training and is offered only through institutes of higher education.

All tiered training is approved by The Registry and provided by a Registry approved trainer. Specialist may be used to offer approved training as well.

Specialists are those outside of the early childhood field (doctor, lawyer, etc.) or in the early childhood field but not from Wisconsin. Sponsoring agencies will enter the training and be responsible for verifying the qualifications of the specialist to teach and determine what tier level is appropriate for the specialist’s training.

The attendance roster for tiered training is entered by the trainer or sponsoring organization on the website. We provide a downloadable attendance form on the website. This form requests all the information necessary to obtain from the student in order to enter each participant into the Registry system. All attendance must be entered within one week of the training. The agency can take the responsibility to enter the attendance or have each approved trainer enter the training.

Benefits of Tiered Training

Those that take tiered training and are at Levels 1-4 on The Registry Career Levels can move up in their Registry Level with an accumulation of tiered training hours. They also can know that their training is accounted for and entered into their record because trainers of tiered training are required to enter the roster. Those that take tiered training can expect a higher level of training regarding the content and the trainer. This training also meets state licensing guidelines for continuing education.

Registered Training

Sponsors will print a certificate of training that contains the training ID number. Registered training does not require that the attendance roster be submitted by the trainer but that is an option available if the trainer so chooses. The training is approved based on title and description to determine that the training meets state licensing guidelines for continuing education.

Benefits of Registered Training

This training meets state licensing guidelines for continuing education. Registered training is reflected on The Registry’s member’s training account and Learning Record.

How does it work?

Trainers first receive a trainer type (Registered, Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3). The trainer type determines what kind of training can be offered by the trainer.

Trainers sign into their account and enter the details regarding their training. An email notification will be sent within 5 working days informing the trainer of the approval status.

Attendance is verified by either the trainer entering the attendance through an online roster or by distributing a barcoded Certificate of Attendance to each student to submit to The Registry with their Registry membership application.

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