About Us

About Us

PDAS Trainers

The Registry Mission Statement

Develop and implement a comprehensive approach to career development, promote member’s professional growth and contribute to workforce data and research.

The Registry Vision

Recognizing Excellence | Advancing Careers

The vision of The Registry is to professionalize the Childhood Care and Education field by defining and promoting excellence.

The Registry System

  • Verifies that individuals meet or exceed entry level and on-going training requirements of the licensing administrative code established by The Department of Children & Families.
  • Records educational and professional contributions that surpass basic requirements.
  • Determines placement on The Registry Career Levels based on the individual’s education and training.
  • Defines the regulated care positions an individual is qualified to hold based on the requirements outlined by The Department of Children & Families which have been met.
  • Analyzes training based on core knowledge areas referred to by The National Association of Young Children (NAEYC).
  • Awards a certificate in recognition of an individual’s professional contributions and achievements.