Coupon for Free Registry Membership

A coupon for FREE Registry membership and renewal is now available through funding provided by the Department of Children and Families through the Preschool Development Grant (PDG).

This coupon is for all individuals and is available only as funding allows, but no later than December 31, 2020. We anticipate funding to last for at least several months.

Please take your time submitting your membership application by considering and listing your complete education and employment history as it relates to the early care and education profession. 


Follow the steps below and and use the coupon code PDG2020. If you do not have a Registry account, download the Creating an Account support guide to get started.

  1. Log in: Log in to your Registry account. 
    Helpful Resource:
    If you are having trouble logging in, be sure to download our Tips for Logging In support guide.
  2. Start your membership application: You will need to enter information about your education history, employment history, professional memberships, and review your training history.
    Helpful Resource:
    Download the Membership Application support guide for step-by-step guidance on submitting your application.
  3. Apply the coupon code: After you submit your Registry Membership Application, enter the coupon code PDG2020. The coupon covers the entire cost of Registry membership / membership renewal.
    Helpful Tip: When you click the Apply button, your browser may ask you to leave this page. Click Leave to apply this coupon code. 
  4. Send documentation: After you submit your application, the list of documentation you should send to The Registry will be shown. If you do not plan to send documentation to The Registry, click the black I have no documentation to submit button. 
    Helpful Resource:
    Go to page 13 and review Appendix A regarding documentation in the Membership Application support guide.


Q. What do I do if the coupon code doesn't work?
After you submit your membership application, you can apply the coupon code. Once you apply the coupon code, make sure the application fee amount is $0. If you experience difficulty applying the coupon code, log out and log back in to your Registry account. You can apply the PDG2020 coupon on your Profile Summary page.

If you continue to have trouble applying the coupon code, please contact The Registry for assistance.

Q. Does the coupon code cover the cost of adding a Trainer and/or Technical Assistance Professional endorsement?
No, the coupon code only covers the cost of a Registry membership.The cost of any additional endorsements must be paid separately. Contact The Registry if an endorsement was added in error.

Q. I just submitted and paid for Registry membership/renewal. Can I get a refund and use the PDG2020 coupon?
In lieu of a refund, The Registry can cancel your application submission, which will generate a coupon code to use within the next 12 months. You will need to reapply and use the PDG2020 coupon code. Please contact The Registry if you would like to cancel your application submission.

Please Note: The Registry processes applications in date order. By canceling your application submission and reapplying, your application processing time will be affected. 

Q. What are the benefits of Registry membership?
As a Registry member, you have joined colleagues across the state and nation in working to professionalize the early care and education workforce. Current Registry membership gives you access to the following Registry membership benefits:

DOWNLOAD the benefits of Registry Membership

  1. Registry Certificate of Achievement
    The Registry Certificate lists important information including your Career Level, all regulated care positions preliminarily qualified for, years of experience, and more. Registry certificates are accepted by Wisconsin state licensing specialists.

    View a sample Registry Certificate    Download the Career Levels
  2. Registry Reports
    Current members can log in and access a variety of reports including the Learning Record and Training List. These reports are useful to add to any resume or use for professional development planning, including Credit for Prior Learning opportunities.
  3. Job Board Profile
    With a Job Board profile, you can receive email notification anytime a job is posted that matches the type of job you are seeking. 
  4. Documentation Organization
    Current members can log in to their Registry account and view their education, employment, and training history. This can be used to construct a resume or fill in data gaps that might occur due to lost paperwork. 
  5. Participation in Other Programs
    Membership with The Registry allows individuals and organizations to participate in other programs such as T.E.A.C.H. and REWARD.
  6. Receive The Registry Connection
    Receive a digital copy of The Registry’s newsletter and stay up to date with important information of what’s going at The Registry and in the field.
  7. Registry Webinars
    The Registry offers FREE online training opportunities to all current members throughout the year. These training opportunities will relate to utilizing your Registry membership and will count as tiered training.
  8. Exchange Magazine Discount:
    Current members receive a 50% off discount to a yearly subscription of Exchange Magazine. To access the coupon code, log in to your Registry account.
  9. Lakeshore Discount:
    Current members receive a 5% discount on all merchandise as well as free freight on all orders. To access the coupon code, log in to your Registry account.
  10. Robertson Ryan & Associates Insurance Discount:
    Current members can receive a 5% discount on commercial insurance and up to 8% off on personal insurance. For more information, please call Dave Zauner at 414-270-6824.